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The most successful sites are the best designed sites, and DELTECH Solutions constructs Web sites with intuitive navigation, aesthetic beauty, and rich content. Our gaining recognition, and we treat every new page with a unique idea.

We have seen many fringe Web "developers" come and go--with little knowledge, motivation, and talent to offer. It's no secret that excellent creative graphic work is not something you learn, but an occupation that takes talent from the beginning. Corporate logos and brochure layouts can be considered a 20th Century art. It is no different with your Web site--graphics must stay clean and consistent throughout. More colors and more shapes usually only means that a site looks too "busy."

Talented Creative work is useless if you do not have the current knowledge and the correct tools. High quality 30-bit scanning technology is utilized for photographs that are clear, bright, and rich in color. All graphics are sharpened, enhanced, and correctly saturated using Adobe Photoshop 3.05, along with all the graphical effects that our creative minds imagine. Our library of 25,000 clip art images, 1,100 anti-aliased fonts, allow us to compete and surpass traditional advertising agencies in Web design. All necessary graphics are compressed to reduce transfer time and speed up navigation. Visitors don't want to spend their valuable time waiting for that company logo to appear.

In a nutshell, DELTECH Solutions is gifted with aesthetic talent. We utilize the latest in graphic hardware and software, and we know how to use it.

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