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  • Research. DELTECH Solutions is constantly up-to-date on Internet happenings. We research demographics and the latest surveys to target specific markets and to stay on top of the fast-paced technology industry. We will work with you to give advice and to help your company decide about future options.

  • Traffic Monitoring. Companies need to know what they are getting, and how many users their Web site is attracting. Traffic monitoring is extremely important to our clients. It can be an excellent indicator on how to direct future plans for the Web site. That is why DELTECH Solutions monitors your site's activity and visitor numbers.

  • 6 Free Hours of Maintenance. As part of our service, we include 30 free minutes of Web site maintenance and updating every month. Need an address change? Got a new bulletin announcement? No problem, its free.

  • Technical Assistance. Have any questions or problems with your software? Give us a call, we're Internet experts.

  • A helpful, friendly staff (free of charge)...

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