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Once your site is finished, our fast, reliable WindowsNT 4.0 Servers are the place to park. We have supurb maintenance and offer dial-up accounts as well as domain registration and email boxes.
  • Electronic Mail to the worldwide Internet. E-mail includes multiple addressing capabilities, up to the minute smart routing database, fast E-mail delivery worldwide.
  • Usenet News allows for rapid article posting and delivery with standard Usenet, ALTernate Usenet, plus world-wide and regional groups.Choose from thousands of topics with more available at our customer's request.
  • Internet client tools such as FTP, Telnet, IRC, Gopher, WAIS, World Wide Web, and others.
  • Mail box aliasing gives you a stable email address which forwards to your current email address no matter where you are.
  • Domain aliasing allows your system to be recognized worldwide.

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